Word Builder Help

You can make Word Builder generate words based on the grammar you specify. The following word parts are available:

<PREFIX>: one or more prefixes or root and combining vowel ("biblio", "psycho")
<ROOT>: a root without a combining vowel ("bibli", "psych")
<ROOTEND>: a root that can come at the end of a word ("gram", "stat")
<COMBV>: a combining vowel, usually "o"
<SUFFIX>:one or more suffixes
<SUFFIXV>: a suffix beginning with a vowel
<SUFFIXC>:a suffix beginning with a consonant
<V>: a vowel
<C>: a consonant

By default Word Builder chooses one of the following rules for each word it generates:


However, you can override this grammar by typing your own in the text box using combinations of the above word parts. Plain text that's not bracketed will not be replaced, allowing you to generate words containing specific parts (e.g., try something like "<ROOT>ology" or "hyper<ROOT><COMBV><ROOT>itis"). If your grammar contains more than one line, Word Builder will pick from that list when it generates each word. Finally, you can put a "|s" after a word part (e.g., "<ROOTEND>|s") to try to pluralize the word.

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