This page is for various toys and tools. Use them to spark your own creativity or find meaning in nothingness (and vice versa).

Dada Poem Generator: Pretend you're Tristan Tzara -- this form cuts up text and randomly rearranges the words.

Random Text Generator: This form generates headline-type text using a simplified grammar system. Inspired by Headlines 2.0, an After Dark module by Robert Surtees.

Random Words Generator: Generate a list of words randomly selected from the dictionary. Use this form to make vocabulary or spelling lists or fodder for the dada poem generator, or challenge yourself to connect the words in a meaningful way.

Word Builder: Generate a list of words built from the roots, prefixes, and suffixes that make up much of the English language. Constructing neologisms has never been so easy!

For more inspiration, visit the Quotes page, add to the collaborative writing forum on the Forums page, or link to other Text Generation/Manipulation pages.

Disclaimer: Management shall not be held responsible for whatever random content may be generated, obscene or otherwise, from use of the above.