Spam Exam 2

More unusual spam today:
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 04 18:50:36 GMT
From: Wade Dodson [Wade's alleged email address]
To: [my email address]
Subject: Highest Quality Replica Rolex Watches

As they glide into the valley the little bunny shouts ^?FFFF93Look
The little bunny points to a distant rainbow spanning the far end of the
valley created as the sun shines between the clouds of a passing mountain
Tasha smiles ^?FFFF93It's a good omen for our home coming.^?FFFF94
Moments later the dragon quickly descends towards the small village.
After a gentle landing the three rabbits climb down. Tina runs to see her
friends while Chip tells the dragon to return to the temple each morning
to see if he is needed.
With that the great beast flies away.
Dinre, Chip, and Tasha all walk towards the village center where they
meet well wishes from many of the villagers.
Almost before they know it the sun is dropping below the western ridge.
All day the preparations for the night's celebration have progressed,
and with darkness near large bonfires are lit in the village center.
Soon the sounds of drums and singing fill the air as Chip, and Tasha are
led to a large flat rock where Dinre stands to officially present them to
the village.
The elder rabbit then raises his arms as he stands between his daughter,
and Chip. With that becomes silent as they wait to hear his words.


[duplicate bunny story snipped]
Is this the best way to sell Rolex ripoffs?

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