One Digit Off: The Importance of Details

My eye doctor's appointment scheduled for today didn't occur. It had been cancelled weeks earlier, but no one told me. Attempts to call me had probably been made, I was assured, but no one reached me. Why? Because they had the wrong phone number. I travelled several miles in the pouring, pounding rain simply because a single digit in my phone number was typed incorrectly into the office's new computer system. Why didn't someone verify the data after it was typed? After not being able to reach me, why didn't anyone check the number listed in my old records, or contact my primary care physician, or look in a phone book? One tiny mistake, but it had an impact weeks later, rippling out and changing what I did and whom I talked to today. Current TV shows like Joan of Arcadia, Tru Calling, and Wonderfalls all deal with these ripples and the insignificant details that cause bigger events. Perhaps whoever mistyped that digit should watch more TV. At any rate, a fitting start to April.

posted at 05:17:00 PM on 04/01/04 by nullibicity - Category: General


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