Out of Touch with Genitals

Over at, a thread grew from "Georgia House Votes for Genital-Piercing Ban", an article about a bill that outlaws not only female genital mutilation, but voluntary piercing as well. Here's my post about it (and subsequent clarification). Of course it's funny that the representative who added piercing to the bill allegedly didn't know some women do such voluntarily, but more importantly, politicians have claimed once again that women don't own their own bodies, that their right to privacy can be taken away without debate. Further, why aren't males protected from genital mutilation? Because that would outlaw "American" circumcision, and for a lot of people, it produces less guilt to say that what we do has a purpose, and what those foreigners do is just barbaric. This bill may outlaw a terrible practice, but it is flawed: Careful thought tells us that genital mutilation is most abhorrent when its victims have no choice in the matter. Therefore, what should be outlawed is involuntary or coerced genital mutilation directed at either sex, not what a competent adult can choose to do to his or her own parts. Body modification is a decision that belongs to the individual involved, not politicians.

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