Conceiving the Inconceivable: Sept. 11 and The Lone Gunmen

When I heard that a plane had hit the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, one of my first thoughts during the early nebulous reports was that the same thing happened in the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen just a few months before. Had someone gotten the idea for the attacks from a TV show? Maybe not, but the coincidence was striking. The episode, "Pilot," was shown on FOX, a major television network, on March 4, 2001. It was seen by several million people. And yet, in the days following the attacks and beyond, I never saw a single news report, magazine article, or newspaper editorial that mentioned this show's climax, despite a fair amount of coverage of the day's eerie coincidences. The mainstream media completely ignored it. Yes, the Internet features important pages like "Killtown's The Lone Gunmen's 'Pilot' Episode", "Doomsday Scenario: Chris Carter Foresaw 9/11", and "Jetliners Smashing into the World Trade Center?", but they haven't received the attention they deserve. Then we hear people say that there was no way anyone could have predicted the violence of Sept. 11, that flying an airplane into a building was inconceivable. Wrong! Putting aside the various reports that came out later showing that anti-terrorism intelligence had been ignored or mishandled, to say that such an attack was inconceivable is ignorant and myopic. Clearly more than one person conceived it in advance; any intelligent person who took the time to reflect could see, then and still now, that terrible catastrophe can happen at any moment, despite our best efforts to oppose it. Granted, this sort of attack was unusual, horrifying, and tragic, but really, one of the most shocking things about it was the amount of people who were completely surprised. I know it's hard to wake up, to broaden one's perspective, but sometimes it's necessary. And sometimes it begins by watching television.

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