Christmas Consumerism Helps Us Play!

Well, it's the day after Thanksgiving, and at least for reporters who have to visit malls, that apparently means the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Every year the media has to make a big deal about how crowded the stores are or aren't, and we have to hear from experts about what it means for the economy. Naturally there must be interviews with shoppers who say that they plan to spend several hundred dollars while still looking for bargains. Then as we get closer to Christmas, the media hype grows, reporters get sappy, and consumerism is held aloft as society's greatest accomplishment. The saddest part of all is when it involves children: Indoctrinated early and often, they're bombarded from everywhere with images and stories of Santa Claus. Hopefully it's just a case of the media gone stupid -- the public can't be that materialistic. But Christmas has been overhyped for years, so much so that many people no doubt have found God in the mythology of the holiday shopping season. Whatever happened to moderation, and those community and family values that the media likes to promote as the true meaning of Christmas? Also, I've heard Christmas was once about the birth of Jesus Christ -- maybe some reporters should check into that, if they ever come back from the malls.

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Jennifer wrote:

Adbusters would be proud of you!!! Hear, hear! It's funny that this was an issue even in the mid-60's - have you seen the Charlie Brown Christmas Special? If the feelings in the mid-60's were that Christmas was becoming too commercial, then what does that say about us now. There is one thing I have noticed - the cosumeristic push as gotten a bit quieter since 9/11. Have you noticed this? They used to put out the Christmas stuff with the Halloween stuff, but they now have the decency to wait until mid-November to start putting all that out.
12/02/03 11:04:36 PM

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