My Shoelaces Are Incompetent

Often I feel like I'm in Nicholson Baker's The Mezzanine. No, not because my shoelaces break, but because the round ones included with my pair of Converse sneakers just don't stay tied. Sometimes I have to tie them several times a day, even a few minutes after I put the shoes on. In what way is this appropriate for playing basketball? As I rediscovered this weekend, it's also not so great when you're trying to shovel snow. I rarely had this problem with the flat laces on my previous sneakers.

posted at 04:49:34 PM on 12/07/03 by nullibicity - Category: General


Jennifer wrote:

It's time to fire your shoelaces for gross incompetence and hire a couple of scabs to do the job! ;)
12/26/03 08:45:42 PM

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