nullibicity /nul-i-BIS-uh-tee/ n. the quality or state of being nowhere

What's nullibicity? Look around you. A TV show is canceled prematurely, never to be seen again. A company whose software is installed on millions of computers goes out of business, and virtually all traces of its existence disappear. A website that provides information found nowhere else on the Internet is suddenly removed, leaving a trail of dead links and accolades that now serve as a eulogy. People may say that change is inevitable, but in recent years culture has become more disposable than ever. Rapid consumption, busy lifestyles, and short attention spans are destroying our history, our stability, and our perspective. Even institutions meant to preserve our unique story are not surviving this decay. As life becomes more unstable, as the world continues to fall apart in ways many had never imagined, humanity begins to accept mediocrity as our fate, a meaningless melange of nothingness. What we have is disappearing; where we're going is nullibicity.

What's A way to fight back. The loss of meaning is often most evident online, where websites rise and fall constantly and information that we take for granted can disappear overnight. The collapse of the Internet economy exacerbated the problem, wiping out countless unique views and ideas that may be lost forever. And though there's a lot of information online, there's still much more that isn't. aims to fill the gaps, featuring information, ideas, and tools to spark creativity, discussion, and thought. It's just one website, but it's a start. The solution to nullibicity begins with

Before 2000 began, people wondered what we should call this decade. Of all the suggestions, "the Nothings" now seems most appropriate. Yet there still is hope. Humanity's legacy should mean something. Find more meaning in the world with

-September 10, 2003

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